Boose Hollow 649

Total Miles


233.11 ft


0.75 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

I definitely don't recommend this road for cars or low-clearance vehicles. This road is mostly gravel but there are washed-out areas, uneven surfaces, larger rocks/boulders, several creek crossings of water that are at least a foot deep or more, and trees lying over the road. Several obstacles in the road, not suggested for tall 4x4 rigs. There are areas to pull off and have lunch one of which is the Fourche Pollinator Garden. You can walk through this garden during the spring to watch the bees. Lots of cool areas to explore along this route. Waterfalls, scenic views, and creeks are along this route. I didn't find any camping areas I would suggest. Please be advised when visiting the Ouachita National Forest, we have a wide range of species that can bite you so please check out and study our wildlife. Cottonmouths can be found near water in the summer months and Rattlesnakes can be found sunning themselves near the rocks. Watch out for the skunks too!!!

Photos of Boose Hollow 649

Boose Hollow 649
Boose Hollow 649
Boose Hollow 649


You will come across washed out, mud holes, larger rocks, creek crossings over a foot deep, and deep trenches.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Teresa Berry
Aug 19, 2023

Access Description

Highway 10 turn left before Danville, Arkansas on Boose Hollow 649

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