Robertson Creek 163

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446.42 ft


0.5 Hours

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Spring, Fall

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Robertson Creek 163 was like a present that you had to wait until the end to open it. I had no clue what was on the south end of the trail. It starts out as an easy gravel road off the main highway 28 that winds through the forest at an elevation of 1400 feet at its highest, it then ends in a very deep water crossing ( one I probably shouldn't have crossed as the water got into my airbox). Robertson Creek parallels this route so there is a nice source of water to play in or refill the nonpotable water tanks. Just be mindful that Arkansas is home to many plant and wildlife species. To name a few, be aware that these are present mostly during the summer months. Ticks, cottonmouth snakes (found near creeks and water sources), and rattlesnakes. This area is popular as the Ouachita National Recreation Trail is just south of this location.

Photos of Robertson Creek 163

Robertson Creek 163
Robertson Creek 163
Robertson Creek 163


Very deep water crossing at the south end of the trail. Water came up to at least 3-4 feet. I would question if this trail is at all accessible any time it rains as it had been a few days and the water level was still very high.


An interesting read on the history of the Ouachita National Forest--

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Status Reports

Jeff Baker
Feb 24, 2024
2022 Ford Bronco
There looked to be a lot of recent maintenace to the road. This was your basic county gravel road. Smooth and wide.
John Bowman
Sep 29, 2023

Access Description

From Cedar Creek take Highway 28 west then left on Robertson Creek AKA Forest Service Road 163A this then turns into Robertson Creek 163.

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