Ye Old 89

Total Miles


1460.66 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail follows the section south of the closed gate where the Old 89 passes through the concrete plant. It buzzes past fields of perfectly spaced Juniper trees, while jackrabbits dart across as you drive by. Hunters were out sighting in their glass, and campers and Rv's were spread along the many offshoots from the main trail. Unfortunately, the trail ends abruptly at a very narrow turnaround point at blocked private property. Although, right before that spot the trail becomes old mostly eroded asphalt, and passes through a few major cuts for the old highway to pass through. 2 bars LTE. Access to the other side of the train tracks appears to be south Via Verde Ranch Road.


The trail itself is mostly easy dirt with some large potholes that would cause some serious damage if taken at speed. Also, this would be a mess when wet. Be sure to not follow all the way to the south with a larger vehicle, the turnaround may be impossible with one.

Technical Rating