AZPT Hovatter to Vicksburg Road

Total Miles


387.58 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This connector trail leads from the Arizona Peace Trail across the desert toward Vicksburg Rd. There are a few options to refuel and restock at the truck stops. The eastern section of the trail is very moondust powdery. A northern section could be taken to bypass this, but the mesquite trees are very overgrown and will cause paint or clothing damage to pass through. This easier section may be impassable when wet due to the very deep dried ruts in this section. The sand/talcum powder section ends at an excellent corral that is wide open and a perfect place to stop and have lunch. From there, the trail is primarily nice gravel and dirt with some potholes and washouts here and there. There is plenty of cell service with at least three bars of Verizon LTE.


Some sandy sections with moon dust powder and others with Ruts may be impassable when wet.

Technical Rating