Wrangler's Nest - Steep Climb Obstacle

Total Miles


560.64 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

When you get to this intersection along Wrangler's Nest Trail the trail offers three (3) options. The road to the right is the published trail route. An alternate route to the left heading into the wash and returning to the trail 1/4 mile North. This is the Center or Straight option. Up a steep incline leading to the pinnacle 'nest' atop the mountain. In a Jeep, Tacoma, or small high-clearance SUV this obstacle is as spooky as Fins and Things in Moab, UT. for most of this obstacle you cannot see the trail in front of you. A front camera is highly recommended or at least use a spotter. Momentum is your friend, however, do not confuse momentum with speed. Too fast and you just might find yourself rolling off the peak. :-)

Photos of Wrangler's Nest - Steep Climb Obstacle

Wrangler's Nest - Steep Climb Obstacle
Wrangler's Nest - Steep Climb Obstacle
Wrangler's Nest - Steep Climb Obstacle


This obstacle requires climbing up a steep continuous grade with changing terrain and turns that confuse the driver due to the lack of visibility from the cockpit. At the very top of the obstacle, cautious navigation is required to remain on the trail as the articulation changes from the driver's side to the passenger side while the trail goes over the peak and turns driver. This is a challenging yet realistic obstacle for experienced off-roaders. Note: This obstacle is fun, but not as challenging for SxS's.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Ken Roberts
Mar 25, 2023
2023 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

Take the Desert Ride North Trail to the Wrangler's Nest Trail and turn heading West. Following the trail, you will see where this Obstacle Trail meets the Wrangler's Nest Trail. The two trails meet up immediately on the other side of the obstacle. Note: There is another alternative route to the West following the wash and exiting back up to the Wrangler's Nest Trail North of the obstacle.

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