Upper 6

Total Miles


1860.02 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Upper 6 is a beautiful trail that slices and dices its way through the Kaibab National Forest. On its South end, the trail is wide and winding, gently rolling across the landscape of grassland and scattered trees. Along this route, you'll see evidence of wild burros, javelina, and even a prairie dog town. Wildlife water and livestock tanks dot the land with old corrals and fences that tell of another time. As you work your way Northward, the trees become more dense, and the wash crossings and erosion become more frequent. But fear not, as there are no obstacles over 12" on this trail. The trees are mixed pine and juniper trees that are the staple of the Kaibab National Forest. The trail through the trees turns into a cut road, sunken and dirt with erosion and sneaky rocks, so caution is urged through this section. Overall this trail was a great way to see this beautiful landscape!


Dirt or rocky road, typically unmaintained after rain or snow. You may encounter shallow water crossings and obstacles under 12" on the trail, including small ledges. Roads are typically one to two vehicles wide.

Technical Rating