Soap Creek Skirt

Total Miles


1246.41 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This fun out and back features some nice large camp sights near the beginning of the trail that are easy to get to and offer amazing views of the vermillion cliffs. Springtime is an amazing time to be out here while the wildflowers explode with color and are wildly fragrant. The further back one travels on the trail, the more difficult it becomes. There are quite a few rough rock gardens, and loose off-camber flexy hill climbs. One or two wash crossings may drag the hitch of a longer vehicle. The nice big level camping spots are closer to the beginning. There are a few more camp spots the further one travels, but it's more complicated to get to them, also increasing the risk of possible tire damage. There is a decent camping spot at the end where you can see the surrounding cliffs. But if you want to see the Colorado River from up here, you'll have to go for a hike. Just watch out for the endangered Brady Pincushion Cacti if you do. They kind of look like rocks! Three bars of excellent Verizon LTE on this trail. The beginning of the trail has a gate to contain possible livestock grazing in the area. Signs state to keep it closed.


The rock gardens require good tire placement and increase the risk of damaging a tire. This trail also has loose steep hill climbs in a few places.

Technical Rating