Eastern Entrance for Sears Point

Total Miles


174.92 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

This Eastern access route for Sears Point is the more adventurous of the two ways to access the site. It begins at the east from South Agua Caliente road and heads west across the desert. It twists and turns its way through fields of Lava rock and loose, sandy, silty sections. A wire livestock gate needs to remain in the position it was found in. One camping spot near the western entrance was noticed, and it is a nice spot for a peaceful evening. Just be aware that this area is a known route for illegal border activity, and anything unusual should be reported to homeland security immediately. Be aware and stay safe. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for coyotes(the four-legged kind), desert foxes, tortoises, and snakes when the temperatures rise. There are three bars of Verizon LTE out here due to the proximity of Interstate 8. Paint damage guaranteed


Rated it a 4 for sandy sections and a few flexy sections. Paint damage is guaranteed.

Technical Rating