Patagonia Mountains

If you enjoy ghost towns, you'll love this amazing mountain drive.

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This road takes you to some really impressive ghost towns. Harshaw and Dunquesne are quite well preserved, with some of the old structures still standing. This area used to be a boarder crossing point into Mexico, and boarder patrol still actively patrols the area. Its very popular with ATVs, and can get crowded at times. Be sure to stay on the numbered routes.


Easy: Wide dirt-packed road. F.S. 128 to the town of Duquesne has some embedded rock and steeper hills but still easy.


Washington Camp and Duquesne were major mining camps in the 1880s. Working closely together to support the mining operations in the area, they each had around 1,000 residents. It is rumored that George Westinghouse of the Westinghouse Electric company once lived in Duquesne. Source: duquesne.html

Access Description

From Tucson: Take Highway 83 south and connect with Highway 82 in Sonoita. Continue south to Patagonia. Start of trail is Taylor Avenue, just south of the post office and north of the town park.

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