Palomas Trail - 083

Total Miles


278.06 ft


5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Palomas Trail - 083 is a long and winding two-track that rolls through the Palomas Mountains of Southwest Arizona. This trail is sometimes well-marked and other times non-existent, so having offline maps is highly encouraged. Along this route, you'll see old mining equipment donated to the sands of time, as well as mineshafts and other hazards. While crossing numerous short, steep washes, full articulation and off-camber drops are the names of the game with large rocks and sand peppering your landings. 4wd is required for the climbs out of the washes as the exits are steep and carved into the sides by violent water. You might be lucky enough to spook some of the deer out of the vegetation that runs along the washes. Interesting rocks, mines, mining equipment, cacti, and other hazards exist on this route, so tread lightly principals and caution is encouraged.


Uneven, rutted dirt trail with potential for loose rocks and sandy washes. Water crossings less than a foot deep. Potential for mud holes and trail obstacles up to 12", including ledges and short, steep grades. Roads are typically one vehicle wide with places to pass.

Technical Rating