Mount Trumbull School House Road (CoHwy5)

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1,632.18 ft



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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is the main road to many adventures south of St. George. The historic one-room schoolhouse at the end of the approximately 50-mile drive is a definite plus. This section of road trailheads many adventures along the way. At the northern end, there are adventures you will find on OnX on both sides of the road. Wolf Hole, Mokaac, Segmiller Mountain, and Black Mountain are just a few of the adventures you can find. Further south you will find Navajo Trail, Sunshine Trail, Temple Trail, and others that can be accessed. From the schoolhouse you can visit historic Mount Trumbull as well as both Tourweap and Whitmore Canyon overlooks to the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. All of these have many exciting side trails to explore. At the schoolhouse, there is adequate parking for trailers and a primitive public restroom. Don't forget to walk through the schoolhouse and get a glimpse back in time.

Photos of Mount Trumbull School House Road (CoHwy5)

Mount Trumbull School House Road (CoHwy5)
Mount Trumbull School House Road (CoHwy5)
Mount Trumbull School House Road (CoHwy5)


The ride itself is on a wide, maintained gravel road that can become washboarded at times. There is local traffic on this road and care should be used when traveling on the road.

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Status Reports

Brian Dallas
May 15, 2024
2014 Ford F-Series
Started this trail out from St. George. Trail is super dusty. There’s lots of campers on the first few miles of the trail. Would recommend anyone that’s taking it to air down just a little bit for comfort. But aside from that fairly symbol not a lot of rocks in the first section up to the School house. Can be a lot of fun lots of cattle guards so be aware to not hit those at highest speed. That’s where airing down will help a lot. Once you’re at the School house, make sure you ring the bell
Brian Tanner
Apr 05, 2024
2021 Polaris RZR XP Turbo
This trail is fun and easy. Be sure to bring extra gasoline. You can eat lunch and use the out house if need be. it also it the connection to two overlooks of the Grand Canyon.

Access Description

This road is an extension of River Road in St. George, Utah and proceeds south from the intersection with the Southern Parkway (Route 7)

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