Granite Mountain Loop

Total Miles


320.45 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This 6.75-mile trail loops around Granite Mountain, which is just south of Quartzsite. It takes you right by Joseph Cone's Stone Cabin. The track is on BLM public lands. The wildlife possibilities include bighorn sheep, wild donkeys, burros, wild horses, quail, and roadrunners, although this close to town and traffic, you probably won't see many. In the AZ desert, be sure to watch for rattlesnakes and scorpions. Carrying recovery equipment like a saw, a snatch block, and a tow rope is a good idea, and we never ride without at least one firearm. Take extra fuel and lots of water, the desert is unforgiving in its heat and its predators. If this area receives rain, many varieties of cacti will bloom. Do not ride on the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation without getting a sticker from CRIT. They are $25 a year and well worth it. It gives you full access to the trails on the reservation, and it will save you from getting your SXS or bike, or quad confiscated by the tribe wardens for riding without a sticker.

Photos of Granite Mountain Loop

Granite Mountain Loop
Granite Mountain Loop
Granite Mountain Loop


Some areas of sandy washes, mixed with dirt trails across the desert. Rains will change the trails dramatically at times, piling up sand and debris where it shouldn't be, and moving driftwood, rocks and other debris into the trail. Some erosion is expected, but a fairly easy trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Kelly Kennedy
Mar 03, 2024
2016 Jeep Wrangler
Most of the trail was in the deepest part of a wash, which is now overgrown with all the winter/early spring rain. Expect significant pinstriping if you stay in the wash, otherwise there are many clear parallel trails.

Access Description

Take Central Boulevard (Hwy 95) south out of Quartzsite, over Interstate 10, and turn right on Kuehn Street. Take Kuehn Street to this trail. For the west end of the trail, take Highway 95 (Central Blvd.) south to Main St. Take a right onto Main St. to West Main Event Way/Quartzsite Blvd. and take a left. Follow that road to Dome Rock Road West, and turn right. That street turns into the Alternate For Southwest Side of Quartzsite Trail. Turn left on Cholla Road (Oh Snap Spure). Follow Oh Snap Spure to this trail.

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