Total Miles


2,083.18 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Salida is a challenging 50-inch trail that is very rocky for the entire length of the trail. It's mostly two-track width, with a few sections that are almost too narrow for an ATV. The trail is full of big loose rocks, boulders, chunky rock outcroppings, loose dirt, slab ledges, and washouts. There are some steep climbs and descents that are full of these rocks and washouts, which makes it tricky and intimidating for the inexperienced rider. It gains 500 feet, and loses 1,200 feet over 4.2 miles when riding south to north. It dips in and out of ravines and winds through the juniper trees, pinyon pines, and oak thickets. The south end is more difficult than the north end, as it eventually pops onto a wider road for the last section. Overall it's a difficult trail due to so many rocks, even though there aren't any significantly large obstacles. Note that the trail has several unmarked intersections that aren't on the map, and it appears to mostly be ridden by dirt bikes.


This trail is rated a 5 for dirt bikes and would be even more difficult for an ATV due to so many rocks, steep climbs, loose rock and washouts. Certain sections are too narrow for an ATV.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Green Gulch Blue Hills Trail System is a small trail system south of Prescott Valley, Arizona, made up of several ATV trails and a couple of single tracks in a high desert terrain that can be hot even in early fall. There is a large dirt parking lot accessed at the end of Newtown Avenue, at the east entrance to the Charcoal Gulch Trail, and a small parking area at the west entrance to the Salida Connection Trail. All of the trails here are an intermediate challenge due to being in a very loose rocky terrain.

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