North Entrance to Crown King Road

Total Miles


1,337.45 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This route takes you from the small town of Mayer to an intersection with the main Crown King Road. This route stretches over 10.5 miles and has nice panoramic views most of the way. You will see several saguaros along with other cacti and ocotillos covering the landscape. There are several nice camp spots on this route that overlook the Bradshaw Mountains to the southwest. There are a few sharp turns when this route starts to drop in elevation, so be careful of others who may be driving/riding. This is a maintained gravel road that is very washboarded in areas. It can be muddy after snow or rain, but it's easy to travel.It's a perfect route for a group of Jeeps or SxSs.

Photos of North Entrance to Crown King Road

North Entrance to Crown King Road
North Entrance to Crown King Road
North Entrance to Crown King Road


This is an extremely easy trail for everyone riding in a SxS, dirt bike, or high-clearance 4x4. You will pass through a semi-residential area but it's a smooth ride till you reach the trail towards Crown King. Then it can be a bit more rough. The washboards can be rough at times, but they're not terrible. It's muddy after a good rain or snow. Air down before heading out for a smoother ride.

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Status Reports

Bob Cusick
Apr 14, 2024
2023 Toyota 4Runner

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