Hudson Point Overlook

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2,051.85 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This short out-and-back is a very worthwhile side trip. It's technically relatively easy, with only a few small rock piles to navigate. It quickly arrives near the cliff edge and follows it until you arrive at the Hudson viewpoint that overlooks the expansive Grand Wash Cliffs Wilderness and beyond. The views are almost 360 degrees and highlight the massive expanse of this area. Don't forget to turn your phone on up here because you get a few bars of Verizon service. Otherwise, you will want to have all your offline maps downloaded beforehand, as this area is incredibly remote, and this high-elevation spot with a clear view to the west is one of the few places with a cellular signal. This area is very remote, and help is a long way away. Be sure to bring a satellite communication device and be sure somebody knows your travel plans. There is no cell service out here, so plan and download your offline maps and bring plenty of water. It is a desert, after all.

Photos of Hudson Point Overlook

Hudson Point Overlook
Hudson Point Overlook
Hudson Point Overlook


This trail is narrow and rutted in some parts with plenty of sharp rocks and a few rocky piles to navigate over.


The Arizona Strip is a vast arid region on the north side of the Grand Canyon that encompasses a variety of landscapes and climates within its nearly 3 million acres, as well as centuries of human history. It is 200 miles long and accessed only by two major highways on either end. Because of its lack of easy access, the Strip remains one of the most remote and least-visited parts of the state.

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