Twin Submarines

Total Miles


573.09 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Twin Submarines may not be the actual name of these rock formations, but with the proximity of Shiprock, it seems a fitting name. This trail is an excellent continuation of the Shiprock trail to see two more interesting and different geological formations that seem to have sprouted out of the desert landscape. One can see the spring bubbling up in the wash below with a keen eye. At the time of recording, it was just after a rain, so the larger main wash had a small stream still running in it. Outside the area wetted by the springs, the sand was deep and very soft; airing down may be necessary, especially for larger vehicles. The rest of the trail consists of long and steep hill climbs with a few short shelves--some off-camber sections and nice rollers into deep washouts. An Arizona State Land Trust Land use permit is required for entry, use, and overnight camping. Some dispersed camp spots are scattered around. There is no cell service along the trail.


Steel loose long hill climbs, deep washouts, Off-camber sections, Soft deep sand

Technical Rating