Desert Valley Mountain Overlook

Total Miles


484.48 ft


0.1 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

This is a leg of the Desert Valley BLM Inlet trail that leads to an overlook on top of the mountain, with views for 60-100 miles from the overlook. It is a beginner-level rock crawling experience, forcing some vehicles to hunt for traction through some slick rocks and shale, but nothing extreme. It is a bit of a steep climb and requires either some speed or 4WD. Some can make it up in 2WD, but it depends on the driver. Going up is fairly easy, but coming down can be tricky in a few spots due to the steepness near the turn.

Photos of Desert Valley Mountain Overlook

Desert Valley Mountain Overlook
Desert Valley Mountain Overlook
Desert Valley Mountain Overlook


This is a good beginner rock crawling spot; most of the challenge is simply the steepness and traction, but any machine with 4WD will climb it pretty effortlessly. The riskiest point is using too much speed on the way down because there is a turn that you can overshoot.


There is a tall cactus approximately 50-100 feet further up the mountain from the lookout point which was struck by lightning and exploded. Its skeleton is still standing vertical, somewhat splayed open.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Access this using the Desert Valley BLM Inlet trail which leads in from Desert Valley Road. There is also a way to get here from Barnes Road, but it is less self-explanatory.

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