Cherry Creek Road

Total Miles


1,829.53 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Coming from the north, the trail starts on the dirt and sometimes paved Globe-Young Highway 288. You turn onto a well-marked side road, NF-203. Descending switchbacks, the main challenges are bowling ball-sized rocks that can catch the undercarriage of a vehicle. Most vehicles with slightly oversized tires and a small lift should be okay. Stock 4x4s will need to choose good lines around the larger rocks, but this trail is still possible in a stock vehicle. Along the trail, there are a couple of sections that often get washed out over time. Currently, the washouts are minor and just require slowing down and weaving through some of the larger rocks that have been displaced. The problem with the trail is several miles down to about the halfway point. This section has been somewhat skinny and tippy for decades but was always passable by a full-size vehicle not afraid of leaning. After the last winter, this section is now undercut and only the width of a large UTV. ATVs, dirt bikes, and UTVs should still be able to pass without issue, but the undercut shelf could give way suddenly. This section isn't safe for heavier SUVs or pickup truck 4x4s.

Photos of Cherry Creek Road

Cherry Creek Road
Cherry Creek Road
Cherry Creek Road


This trail is suitable for stock vehicles, but several washouts could be difficult and require stacking or moving a rock. The mud holes are shallow and have solid bottoms.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Steve Helms Tillery
May 19, 2024
Drove it up from Roosevelt in my long bed Tacoma. It was very gnarly. A lot of the early part above Ellison Ranch was as I remembered it, but once into the Juniper burn it got pretty eroded. Drainage crossings were all degraded, many of them very badly. The scariest to me was the tilted and sloughing narrow roadbeds of eroding red rock, inspiring lovely visions of sliding/rolling down to the creek bed. I won’t drive it again in anything with a long wheelbase unless the road gets a lot of attention, which seems unlikely while the arguing over the wilderness boundary is unresolved.
Greg P
May 07, 2024
Dirt Bike
Wash outs of the road at the some of the multiple creek crossings. One of them we needed to help each other out and push bike through. Not for the novice rider on an adventure bike but fun and challenging for intermediate riders.

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