Booth Hills Trail

Total Miles


483.20 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail takes you from Haley Hills west to the northwest face of the Booth Hills, overlooking Mobile, Arizona. This trail starts at beginner level but advances to intermediate level around the halfway point. It reaches an advanced level as you get closer to the end with washes. There are very steep and sudden drops and climbs, sometimes exceeding 50 degrees, in the last third of the trail. Extreme caution and low speed are advised, as steep drops into water erosion could easily lead to mishaps for those rushing through. Some such crossings are 10+ feet deep and require 4x4 to climb out of due to slick rock and traction issues. The first half of this trail could be rated as a 3, however, the second half is much more complicated and requires either a shorter wheelbase or higher ground clearance. A 2- to 3-seat Polaris Ranger tackles the trail fairly easily as long as care is taken due to its short length. However, a 4-door would have a much more difficult time due to the added length and would likely contact its skid plates, as well as have difficulty in some corners and crossings. Also, be aware of numerous cactus species that straddle this trail fairly tightly.


The first half (eastern half) would rate a 3. However, the second half is much more complex and has erosion crossings up to 8-10 feet deep in places with very steep approach and escape angles, requiring 4x4 in places to climb out of. It is strongly advised not to proceed past the two-thirds point westbound on this trail in a non-4x4 vehicle, as the likelihood of becoming stuck in a impassable place is very high. There is also a moderately high likelihood of bumper scraping and rocker scraping on SUVs, which use this trail without rock sliders or significant ground clearance.

Technical Rating


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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

You can reach this trail from the inlet on Upland Street or from Fulcar Road.

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