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2,044.21 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Venezia is a short single track in the Prescott National Forest that starts off on the south side of the Senator Highway. Going north to south, the first half starts climbing up right away from the road. It starts off as a side-hilling shelfy trail that is pretty narrow. It flows around the edge of each hillside and onto the next. The first half isn't super rocky and is pretty smooth as it climbs steeply up. It gets on top of the hill and does some more side-hilling. It goes through a couple of sections where there are a lot of loose rocks all piled up. It also goes up two tight switchbacks that aren't too difficult. The south end dumps out at an intersection with another trail. This trail is overall an intermediate-level trail that goes through a low alpine/high desert terrain that is full of loose rocks and loose dirt. It can be pretty hot in the summer and into late fall.

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This is an intermediate single-track trail that is rated a 4 due to shelfy sections of trail.


The Senator Highway is a historic gold mining route from the 1800s between Phoenix and Prescott, with several old structures to stop at and see. Near this section of trail is the Palace Station, which is one of the oldest structures in Arizona.

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