Bloody Basin Road

Total Miles


1519.59 ft


8 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Take a day to drive this road that will take you through Agua Fria National Monument. You'll want to take your time to explore archaeological sites and petroglyphs along the way. You can also enjoy a warm soak in the natural hot springs north of the bridge on the west side. Unlicensed vehicles are allowed in this area.


Easy: A well-maintained road that gets a bit rockier as you descend to the bridge. Wet weather creates muddy conditions, especially on side trips.


Most people drive this route to see the impressive Sheep Bridge at the end. The 476- ft. suspension footbridge was first built in 1943 and rebuilt in 1989. The old foundations remain in place. The 71,000-acre Agua Fria National Monument was created in 2000 and contains over 400 archaeological sites, some 2,000 years old. Please learn and obey special rules for the area. 'Bloody Basin' got its name from the Battle of Turret Peak in 1873, during which 26 Tonto-Apache Indians were killed in retaliation for earlier Indian atrocities.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Get off Interstate 17 at Exit 259. On east side, go past parking area and continue southeast on 9269.