Rarick Canyon Climb

Total Miles


1,974.22 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

Rarick Canyon Climb is a difficult rocky climb ascending 2,600ft in elevation in Coconino National Forest. Starting out in the red dirt to the south of Blue Grade the trail quickly becomes difficult crossing the rocky Red Tank Draw. After crossing then becomes the long narrow rocky climb of White Mesa. This is a steep off-camber drive with 11-12 degree grades with many rock obstacles to maneuver around. At the 7-mile mark, the most difficult and rough portion of the trail has been completed and it's mostly smooth dirt roads with the occasional cattle guard. This trail is challenging and tested the limits of our F150 locked on 33s but was completed with ease by the Gladiator locked on 37s. It's highly suggested to tackle this trail in a group with recovery gear and plenty of time.

Photos of Rarick Canyon Climb

Rarick Canyon Climb
Rarick Canyon Climb
Rarick Canyon Climb


Red Tank Draw is extremely rocky with a steep climb out and can change after heavy rains. We needed 4Low with a rear locker to get out. After crossing the long narrow rocky climb of White Mesa is a steep off camber drive with 11-12 degree grade and many rock obstacles to maneuver around.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Garrett Alton
May 09, 2024
Justin Abraham
Mar 18, 2024
2023 Segway Powersports Villain SX10 WX
Temporarily Closed
Posted Sign
Bunch of “T” posts driven into the ground across the trail right before the first water crossing. No clue if they plan to reopen or not. The forest service in this area seem to close all the trails and dirt roads every time it rains just a little bit, but this was more seriously blocked off.

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