Antelope/Temple Trail (East)

Total Miles


1601.21 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The now called Antelope Trail is a two land road that runs from Navajo Trail on the south and Highway 59 to the North. It transits portions of the old Temple and Honeymoon Trails and provides a shortcut to Hurricane City for ranchers in this area. The road is generally well maintained with some rutted sections where it turned muddy during past precipitation. Most vehicles can easily transit this road and enjoy the scenery and history that abounds in the area. Near the top of this trail there is a short trip to the west to the storage area for the wooden beams hauled north in the late 1800s from the sawmill on Mt Trumbull. Most vehicles should be able to navigate this more primitive trail but it is a short walk to the area where you will also see one of the few windmills in the area.


Easy two lane maintained gravel/dirt road with some minor areas that are rutted when traveled after precipitation in the area.

Technical Rating