County Hwy 5/Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook

Total Miles


1,733.46 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This trail is class 2 sand, dirt, and gravel trail traveling south from Colorado City, AZ to Grand Canyon, Toroweap Overlook. A two-dollar permit is required to enter the last six miles of the trail. The last six miles will be a class 3. Tuweep campground is at the end of the trail with ten primitive sites with no water or electricity. Vaulted toilets are present at campgrounds and picnic areas. The cost for a campground requires A ten-dollar permit and ten per night stay. Beautiful overlooks and trails present, Tuckup Trailhead, Saddle Loop Horse Trail, and Lava Falls Trailhead.

Photos of County Hwy 5/Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook

County Hwy 5/Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook
County Hwy 5/Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook
County Hwy 5/Grand Canyon Toroweap Overlook


Departing Colorado City, AZ. the trail will be a class 2 be aware of rain for there could be water crossings. Last six miles from the ranger station of Grand Canyon will be a class 3.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Alex Fenech
Apr 23, 2024
2014 Toyota 4Runner
As others have mentioned, OnX having this as a 2 is a bit deceiving. of the ~55 miles, 51 of them are a 2 but the last ~4 miles from the ranger station is absolutely not a 2. I'd say a 4-5; there are some big rocks to navigate, but it wasn't all that technical. I only had to step out to spot myself twice. I was traveling with someone in a stock 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, they scraped a few times and bottomed out once or twice but ultimately made it. High clearance for sure required, but aside from that not too bad.
Paul Murphy
Mar 04, 2024
Sections are easy but a few sections are more like a 5 or 6. Having an Off grid trailer in tow to defintely made it slow go but this trialer goes anywhere and everywhere. Even without the trailer this trail can be almost a 6. Lots of rocks and bumpy. Onx missed the mark about this being a 2 rating. Another youtuber OAF just did it and also said it was more like a 5 so be aware

Access Description

Follow County Hwy 5 south out of Colorado City, Az. The trail will change its name to Mount Trumbull Road. upon entering Grand Canyon National Park.

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