50 Year Trail Loop

Total Miles


1,014.05 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Start on East Golder Ranch Drive. Turn left through the cattle guard onto E Equestrian Trail. At a corral, you take the right at the Y and proceed onto a single-vehicle-width trail. The trail remains easy with the mountain bike trail called 50 Year Trail crisscrossing the 4x4 trail and campsites along the sides. Eventually, the trail gets slightly more rough and difficult, with 8-inch high rocks as you proceed through a cattle guard onto forestry property. The trail has a final dispersed campsite before descending to the wash below. Both trails you come upon are drivable, but the left trail is the easiest. These trails both lead you down to a wash. There is more camping here, but be careful during monsoon season or rain storms. From here, you can continue onto one of several hiking trails or return via the loop back up to the main road. Once at the E Equestrian graded dirt road, proceed north to exit via the north end of the loop. This takes you back to the paved road at Lago Del Oro Road, which will complete the loop.

Photos of 50 Year Trail Loop

50 Year Trail Loop
50 Year Trail Loop
50 Year Trail Loop


This is an easy dirt road until you begin to descend to the wash loop at the east end of the trail. At this point, high clearance 4x4 is a must. There are different lines you can take, but some experience as well as a lift and larger tires are advised. A stock vehicle and good driver can complete the loop.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Steve Anderson
Apr 14, 2024
The main "loop" has some paved road and gravel road. Nothing to write home about. The fun part is where the trail heads straight east towards the Catalinas. There are numerous camping spots that line the trail. There were about 3 sites setup. Seems to be popular with the mountain bike crowd. The end of this trail connects with the Baby Jesus Trail. This part was really fun. There is a wash that goes through it just a few hundred yards in. The water running down the creek bed was beautiful. We turned around at this creek, but the trail appear to keep going. The "loop" was boring, but this last leg was worth the visit.

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