USFSR #645 Tree Farm

Total Miles


391.5 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

USFSR #5645 Tree Farm is a seasonal route of varying degrees. It changes from a standard gravel road to a silt-like swamp, back to a gravel road, then back to mountainous terrain. This beautiful trail offers views of a diverse Alabama forest. There are a few mud holes with soft bottoms, which can be quite deceiving on how easily you can get stuck. A good set of tires is a bare necessity on this trail. This trail does have a gate mid-way with a "Y" just before it. If you take the trail to the right, it will end at a large field. Stay to the left to continue on this trail. The trail will come to an end near the mountain tops of Lake Chinnabee due to recent tornado damage. 645 Is open from 09/01-05/01.


There are multiple water/mud crossings along with 2+ rutted out sections that will require some knowledge of 4WD and off road angles.

Technical Rating