USFSR #637

Total Miles


362.63 ft


1.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer

Trail Overview

Experience Alabama in one easy trail. USFSR #637 is a winding gravel road that passes through the foothills of Cheaha State Park with a plethora of creek crossings, all the while presenting you with the mountainside filled with a mixture of mature hardwoods and pines. This trail will also exemplify how Alabama manages their national and state lands so well with prescribed burns and land management with wood harvesting. Be sure to keep an eye out for logging trucks and trailers that are occasionally left dormant over the weekend in the roadway. This trail begins at the north end, in between Camp Mac and Lake Chinnabee. Both are gorgeous mountain lakes with an abundance of hiking trails. The trail bobs and weaves across three county lines and ends in Clay County. The end is also just a short distance from the well known USFSR# 600-2 trail for those wanting to continue.


This is a very easy trail.

Technical Rating