Trail 404 (BOH Trail)

Total Miles


210.96 ft


0.15 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Trail Overview

This is probably the easiest badge of honor I have ever earned in my life... unlike the other two at the park. After coming over, or around Baldy you'll weave your way quickly through this short Badge of Honor with a few turns, ledges, and trees to work your way around to connect with another park road on the bottom. It is a great trail to get your feet wet at Stoney Lonesome upon arrival and get a feel for the terrain and what the park has to offer.


There's a ledge you need to come down around a corner with a high wall on your passenger side that can be kind of tippy if you don't square up to it right, but done right both your passenger and driver side tires should come down together with zero issues.


Jeep BOH trail

Technical Rating