USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy

Total Miles


381.79 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy begins on the Easternmost side at USFSR #651 Duck Nest. The entirety of this trail that follows the USFS Motor Vehicle Use Map is an easy trail. It gives beautiful views of Cheaha State Park- Alabama's highest point of elevation. It crosses over the power lines to continue on to two open areas that would be a fitting campsite for those looking to relax. 642 Wade Mtwy does indeed connect to USFS #642K Old Wade Mtwy, however should you choose to go that far, be prepared to bring a winch as it is riddled with giant mud holes with soft bottoms (connector difficulty level 4-5). The connector does not show up on the Motor Vehicle Use Map. 642 is open from 10/02-04/30.

Photos of USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy

USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy
USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy
USFSR #642 Wade Mtwy


642 is a very easy trail with a few avoidable mud holes, however the connector to 642K is a completely different difficulty at a level 4-5.

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Status Reports

Ryan K
Aug 14, 2023
Downed Tree

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