USFSR# 600-2

Total Miles


527.51 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring Summer Fall Winter



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Trail Overview

600-2 is split into two sections. The southernmost half is much more technical compared to the northern half, or counterpart, 600-1. While 600-1 is more of a light brown silt, the 600-2 southern half is more slick rock and red clay. 600-2 begins in the community of Chandler Springs, with a beautiful creek running under a bridge before the trail. 600-2 is given right of way by local land owners, so make sure to stay on the designated path. On the southern half, shorter wheelbase vehicles will be able to maneuver around obstacles better than longer, and can avoid most of the harder ones. Due to the steeper grades, water runoff carves ruts up to 2 feet in some places, but can be avoided. When dry, the trail can be very easy, but during heavy rains, it can will become much more difficult. This section is a very bumpy ride. The northern half of 600-2 is the complete opposite. Gravel roads wind along the ridge line and lead you straight to hwy 281, which end at Adam's Gap trailhead, which is a very popular spot for hikers. This section is very popular to local hunters. If you have the time, hwy 281 takes you straight to Cheaha State Park, which is the highest point in Alabama. This is a beautiful scenic route with lookout points that will not disappoint. 281 also leads straight to USFSR #500, which will take you to the wildlife management area full of beginner trails.


Half of the trail can be difficult, but most obstacles can be avoided. When attempting the tougher obstacles, approach and departure angles become very important, and a locker would be a wonderful addition to the drivers arsenal, but not needed.

Technical Rating