Turner Over

Total Miles


295.79 ft


0.25 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Turner Over is a great moderate trail for those that don't have a vehicle that is built to the gills but would like to test the limits of their vehicle. If you take the hard lines, this will require rock sliders and skid plates at minimum, but can still be a challenging trail. All lines except the easiest on the left side of the trail will high center a low ground clearance vehicle, and the first obstacle is right between two trees, so body damage is possible. This short rocky trail does offer a bypass called Turner Over Bypass which is a flat gravel route that loops around to the top of the trail should you decide to spectate the fun.


While the left side of the trail offers simplicity, the right track will slow you down with large boulders to navigate and find the appropriate angles and lines.


This trail is apart of the Morris Mountain Offroad Park in Cleburne/Clay County, Alabama.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Turner Over begins at the intersection of Rally Run and Taxi Cab, intersects Hornets Nest and ends at Flat Access.