Punta Baja

Total Miles


157.08 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The road to Punta Baja is a scenic 2WD road starting from the town of El Rosario in Baja California and ending at a scenic viewpoint over the Pacific Ocean with a lighthouse. This road is accessed through several residential dirt roads that are very bumpy, with potholes and speed bumps and busy local traffic. Watch for a sign for Punta Baja on a telephone pole before the left turn which is the start of the Road to Punta Baja. The Road to Punta Baja is doable in a two-wheel drive for the entire 7.5 miles. It has some washboards, loose small rocks, and uneven surfaces from tire tracks when the road is wet, but is mostly easy and doable in any car, just bumpy and slow. It would take a while to complete in a motor home going slow over all the bumps but would be a pretty quick drive for a capable overland rig or UTV. The road continues along a beautiful green landscape over rolling hills and over a spine, with several blind corners and curves. You'll start to see the ocean and coast about halfway there. Towards the end, there are several spots to camp or pull off to enjoy the view of the rocky coastline below you and see the waves crashing. The road passes through a small fishing village and continues out to the lighthouse, which is more like a metal tower you can climb up. This is a fun drive to see a scenic view or would be a good first stop during a Baja road trip if looking for a spot several hours south of the border. You'll likely see local traffic from the fishing village as well as tourists on UTVs and overland rigs or groups of dirt bikers. There are also lots of other side roads to explore off of this main road.


Bumpy and slow 2WD road with no obstacles.

Technical Rating