Coastal Route Bahia Asuncion to Punta Prieta

Total Miles


23.72 ft


1.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Embark on a breathtaking coastal journey that commences in Bahia Asuncion and culminates in Punta Prieta. Along this scenic route, you'll veer away from the main graded road at both ends to avoid the rough, washboard sections and instead, savor the proximity to the ocean. If you lack a 4WD vehicle or the area has seen recent hurricanes or high tide storms, you can stick to the safer main route, indicated by the green line following the power lines. However, the real charm of this trail lies in the areas away from the main graded dirt road.The majority of the drive is delightful and accessible to most vehicles, with only 2 or 3 spots requiring 4WD and possibly deflated tires. However, depending on the recent weather conditions, there might be more of these challenging wash crossings. Nevertheless, the journey promises immense pleasure, surrounded by a diverse array of sea birds and numerous opportunities to pause and explore the captivating coastline.


This trail isn't particularly challenging, and if you have a 2WD vehicle, you can stick to the main graded road without any issues. However, if you follow this route off of the graded road there are a few short sections that necessitate 4WD due to deep sand. Even a skilled driver could encounter difficulties without the extra traction of all four wheels. Exercise caution, especially after high tides caused by major storms, as the entire area beyond the graded road might become impassable. It's advisable to walk these low-lying regions if you notice damp dirt or the absence of recent tire tracks. Despite this, locals do travel these roads in the low-lying sections throughout the year.

Technical Rating


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