Cabo Pulmo National Park - La Fortuna

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Spring, Fall

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This is a fantastic trail that travels along the beautiful Gulf Of Cortez.The road has been well-cared for lately, but some sections can become a bit rough or challenging depending on recent weather. If you are planning to do it in a regular vehicle, it can only be done in the non-rainy season ( August to late October ). Some sections can become really really difficult to go through, so I would advise a 4WD, high clearance vehicle or Enduro/Dual sport bike.Trust me though, it's so worth it!You are going to find lots of loose gravel, rocks, some patches of soft sand, beautiful curves, some climbing with incredible views, and lots of entrances to the beach, where you can spend the day or camp for free with no problem. I spend a lot of nights on these shores, and it's very safe.There are no places to get food or water in between La Fortuna or Cabo Pulmo, so get something there if your plan is to spend the day or a few days on the beach.If you love to surf, you better bring your board with you! There are very well-known spots with incredible long waves to enjoy. 9 Palms is a favorite stop if you like to hang out with other surfers, or you can choose any other empty beach, where you'll have the whole shore to yourself.Like I mentioned before if it's going to be your first time doing this trail in the rainy season, ask the locals for info about the state of the trail before going for it. There are a few river beds crossing the road that may leave the trail in very bad shape.Cabo Pulmo National Park is a must-see. Famously referred to by Jacques Cousteau as "The World's Aquarium," Cabo Pulmo is a great destination for all kinds of water sports. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities, and kayaking is also popular. You can camp for free as well, or you can rent a cabana. There is a lovely beach 10 min from there called El Arbolito, a great place to snorkel and spend the day or a camp night.

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Cabo Pulmo National Park - La Fortuna
Cabo Pulmo National Park - La Fortuna
Cabo Pulmo National Park - La Fortuna


Can get very hard on Raining season.

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Gary Matthews
Mar 25, 2023
Dirt Bike

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