Lost Airplane Ridge

Total Miles


1,867.54 ft


3 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Lost Airplane Ridge is a great adventure to Cabin Lake, a high alpine bowl lake with stunning views. This is a 4wd high clearance trail with rough sections and steep water bars. The trail begins in a desert-like climate as you continue to climb up the trail to beautiful alpine meadows and then a high alpine bowl lake. Cabin lake is a designated rec site with 3 campsites. If you are up to a hiking adventure, Stoyoma Plane Crash site is a 4 hr round-trip hike with geocaching sites along the way. From the Cabin Lake campsite, there is no need for the hard scramble over the mountain. Follow the trail from the far end of the lake to the crash site.

Photos of Lost Airplane Ridge

Lost Airplane Ridge
Lost Airplane Ridge
Lost Airplane Ridge


4WD high clearance is highly recommended, rough sections of trail and steep water bars


Known local First Nations' cultural sites are occasionally used for small First Nations gatherings.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

John C
Oct 14, 2023

Access Description

First of all the access to this site is for high centered 4 wheel drive vehicles only as the road gets extremly rough as you near the site with several small creek crossings and rocks on the road. From Merritt drive west along Highway 8 for about 20 km. Turn left (where the fish hatchery and snowmobile signs are and continue up this road for 24km's. At the 24km mark keep to the left, go a short distance and keep to the left again, cross the bridge and you are on the Miner Forest Service Road. From here on in there are no km markers so set you odometer to 0. Continue another 11.2 km then keep right and continue for 0.8 km.,turn right and drive for another 0.5 km. At this point turn left. You should be close to 2.3 km from when you set your oddmeter to 0. Continue on this road for about 5 km until you get to Cabin Lake and you will see why it was worth the rough drive.

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