Sugar Fire Lookout

Total Miles


2,186.14 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail takes you into beautiful high alpine meadows to a summit of 7171 ft to a fire lookout with an amazing 360 view of the Monashee Mountains, Kate, and Sugar Lakes. This a very tight trail with loose rocks, steep climbs, switchbacks, and rock ledges to make the summit of the trail. This trail is accessed from mid-July to September due to snow. Access in mid-June is limited to snowdrifts on the switchbacks. Please stay on designated trails do not drive in grass meadows very sensitive ecosystem at this elevation.

Photos of Sugar Fire Lookout

Sugar Fire Lookout
Sugar Fire Lookout
Sugar Fire Lookout


This is a very tight and rough trail expect pinstripes, bring a chain saw this trail is known for many downed trees. 3ft rock ledge about halfway up the trail and very rocky rough sections leading to the top.This trail has few options to turn around at the top when the rocky section is reached so be prepared for rough sharp rocks.


This fire lookout is very well preserved let's encourage people to keep it that way. It's an amazing piece of history.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Mike Tishken
Sep 04, 2023
2005 Hummer H2

Access Description

From Cherryville on Highway 6 take a left on Sugar Lake Rd (Franks General store is a great fuel stop and supplies), take Sugar Lake Road until you see a sign for Dam overlook look for Kate Creek FSR take the right fork in the road, 2km cross over Outlet Creek Bridge. At 2.6km stay left. At 3.6km stay left at Vidler Rd. At 11.4km cross over the Sitcom River Bridge. The road is narrow from here, go slow and be cautious of oncoming traffic. Look for the Sugar Creek Rec site sign and stay on Kate Creek FSR after the next bridge look for Kate FSR this is the start of the trailhead.

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