Rim Trail to Greenstone Lookout

Total Miles


1795.5 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This decently maintained gravel road will take you up to the beautiful views at Greenstone Mountain Fire Lookout among many other offroad and multi-user recreational trails throughout the area. The lower section will have more traffic as there are a number of downhill mountain biking trails in the area. There are a number of small camping areas along the road where you could set up and take in a nice view and escape reality. The last 300m up to the fire lookout are steep, rocky and difficult for a new/unexperienced off roader, but the view point may be worth the push to the top.


most of the route is fairly easy but the last section to reach the incredible views are more challenging as it is steep and rocky/bumpy and could be off camber if you pick the wrong lines..

Technical Rating


Access Description

access is about 10 minutes east of Kamloops