Beaver Lake Road to Haddo Lake Rec Site

Total Miles


1308.13 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Aberdeen Service Road is an active logging route and you should be calling your KM's on RR-17. Being the main FSR it is fairly well maintained which is why we decided to take a small shortcut off of the Aberdeen Service Road down onto Haddo FSR. This trail will take you right down to Haddo Lake and if you continue along after the short cut you will find yourself at the Haddo Lake Rec Site. This rec site was severely impacted by heavy snow and winds with hundreds of large trees falling over the site. Someone spent dozens of hours with a chainsaw to get the rec site open again. It is amazing to see the amount of damage! The rec site offers 4 or 5 camping spots with easy lake access. There is no cell coverage so an In-Reach or Spot would be advisable.


The main road is fine but if you take the short cut down to Haddo it is a little tighter with some fun obstacles to test your driving skills on

Technical Rating


Access Description

Beaver Lake Road down to Haddo Main FSR is how you access this trail.