Your Complete Guide To E-Scouting for Whitetails

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For diehard whitetail hunters, there is no such thing as an off-season. After the sun sets on the last day of the season, it’s already time to be thinking of next year’s opportunities.

Scouting is a major component of next year’s success and e-scouting makes finding new areas to hunt, easier than ever. No one knows this quite as well as the whitetail addicts at The Hunting Public. Watch below as we compile their five-part video series on scouting with the onX Hunt Webmap into one easy-to-find area. Start watching to get a leg up on your hunting season.

Scout now, succeed later
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Episode 1: An Intro To Scouting Public Land Whitetails

The Hunting Public are passionate about public land whitetail hunting. In this first video, learn how the guys find new tracts of public land to hunt and the qualities that piece of land needs for a boots-on-the-ground inspection. Watch Here…

Episode 2: Identifying Access and Hunting Pressure

One of the hardest aspects of hunting public land whitetails is finding access and low hunting pressure. You can usually find one, not both. In this episode, The Hunting Public Guys go through how they E-Scout a popular tract of public land for access corridors other hunters may not know about. Watch Here…

Episode 3: Time for Boots on the Ground

After finding promising access and bedding areas, the next step is an in-person inspection. In this episode, The Hunting Public guys investigate their set waypoints on a large piece of public land. Watch as they learn in person about the quality of an area, all while refining their search for low-pressure access points. Watch Here…

Episode 4: Finding Bedding Areas and Stand Locations

Armed with more information from the in-person scouting trip, The Hunting Public Guys are back at the office putting together even more pieces of the puzzle. Follow along as they further E-Scout for bedding areas and make a plan for tree stand placement. Watch Here…

Episode 5: Putting It All Together

It’s time to put a plan in place. In this video learn to take all your E-Scouting data and your scouting from the field and compile it to find exactly which tree to set your stand on opening day. This is what all your hard work and diligent scouting for deer has led up to.

Your fall success is closer than ever, don’t let it slip through your fingertips and start scouting today. Watch Here…

Written by Cavan Williams