onX Behind the Scenes: An Intro to GIS and Data Accuracy

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This is our first article of a series that will explore the importance onX places on accurate land data and the ever-evolving team responsible for finding and acquiring that data.

The onX brand is synonymous with accuracy and reliability.

One of our core promises is to always know where you stand and only through our tireless and accurate data collection and curation can we keep that promise.

Promise quote block stating we will continuously innovate, focus on land ownership data accuracy and diligently listen to user needs and hopes which is the standard by which all future in-class technology will be judged.

With over 421 map overlays that include 121 million private properties, 985 million acres of public land, and over 400,000 miles of trails and more, onX takes data seriously. We put a high priority on accurate information and our products would be worthless without the team responsible for that data. Here is your chance to peek behind the scenes as to why onX’s data is second to none.

Trust must be earned when it comes to location information and customers constantly ask what the secret to our data is.

But the secret is, there is no secret, outside of hard work.

Reliable, Detailed and Accurate
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Among the new and improved features and functions onX delivers, this meticulous attention to detail may be easily overlooked, however, its importance is the foundation of everything onX has accomplished.

Follow along in the coming weeks and months as we shed deserved light on each specific GIS role and how their hard work makes onX the #1 hunting app on the market.

Written by Cavan Williams