Hunting Books: Essential Reads for Every Type of Hunter

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When the call of the hunt beckons, it’s nearly impossible to resist. Whether big game, whitetail, grouse or waterfowl, the magnetic pull of the outdoors and claiming the next hard-earned kill makes life worth living. Passed down from generation to generation, the wisdom, knowledge, and lore of the hunt is timeless. Writers and passionate outdoorsmen have chronicled their adventures for time immemorial.

In our custom-curated collection of hunting classics, we aim to educate, entertain and inform. When the next season or tag rolls around, you’ll not only be ready, you’ll also be a more masterful practitioner of the hunting craft. 

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Whether you’re curious how to train the perfect retriever, brush up on the latest CWD info, or looking to nurse a long, strong pour while reading some of the most hilarious and audacious hunting tales ever written, these reads are just the thing to tide you over until it’s time to head out into the field in search of game.   

Here are some onX-curated roundups of the best hunting literature and blogs ever written. No matter your preferred game, there’s world-class wisdom and rich, engrossing tales to keep you hungry and informed for all of the hunts ahead. 

Big Game Hunting Books 

An elk in a field with pine trees

From lake to mountain, season to season, we all aspire to fill our freezer and live through another big adventure along the way. This Big Game reading list will keep you hungry, informed, and ready for the next time you pull that bucket-list tag of your dreams. Whether you want to brush up on tracking skills or learn the art of alpine camping and bushcraft, these reads will have you primed and ready for the hunt. 

Hunting Books on Whitetail 

3 whitetail deer

If you’re one of the 11 million whitetail deer hunters in the United States, you’re sure to enjoy our collection of top-notch whitetail reads. This roundup serves as a primer and starting point for the consummate whitetail hunter, covering everything from mapping techniques, to how to plant attractive food plots—even how to sweet-talk landowners and gain access to their prized estates. 

Turkey Hunting Books

a large turkey in a field

There’s nothing like having a turkey respond to a well-made call. Indeed, it’s moments like these that bring hunters back time and time again. With a generous population spread across the US, turkey hunting makes for an accessible entry point for many hunters, yet the art of turkey hunting can take decades to perfect. From general how-to’s to rip-roaring, hilarious misadventures, this turkey hunting reading list takes insights from masters across the world and serves them up with a double dose of gobble to get you through till spring. 

Books on Hunting Waterfowl

a black lab in water retrieving a downed duck

One of the best parts of hunting waterfowl? Bringing along your four-legged friend. This list of must-reads provides tips for training up the perfect four-legged hunting partner, as well as an exhaustive history of waterfowl populations in the U.S. Hunters all of the background will find helpful information to up your waterfowl game and deploy new wisdom and skills on your next hunt. 

Upland Hunting Books

An upland hunter with his bird dog in a field

Similar to waterfowl, upland hunting is all about the relationship between man and his loyal canine companion. If you live and breathe birds, dogs, and shotguns, this upland hunting reading list provides an incredible respite for your downtime by the wood stove. From short stories, upland history, and lore, to bird dog conditioning and first aid, our roundup of upland reads will keep you entertained—hefty pour in-hand—until the next grouse hunt comes a-knockin’. 

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Sam Morse

Sam is an outdoor-focused wordsmith and a survivor of Peter Pan Syndrome. Creatively, he draws on his lived experience to distill stories that inspire and delight. He loves deep snow, long hikes, spicy food, diving in tropical waters, and all manner of riverplay/exploration. He’s also the co-author of The Ski Town Fairytale, a children’s book (for adults). Currently he lives and plays in Salt Lake City with his golden retriever pup, Blue.