Top 10 Ways To Use the onX Hunt App for Summer Fishing

Runoff is settling, rivers are clearing and summer is officially here. For many, the change of season means it’s time to put the raft or drift boat into daily rotation, trade the wading boots for sandals, fill the cooler with dinner-on-the-water fare, and start eagerly anticipating the arrival of terrestrial season.

onX Hunt is the perfect tool to make the most of summertime fishing (or fishing any time of the year). From dropping a waypoint to mark your favorite undercut bank to checking out the river stage forecast, our maps will help you optimize your time on the water.

No cell service required. Try the Hunt App for free.

Here are 10 of our favorite ways to use onX Hunt for fishing:

Easily drop a Waypoint to mark unofficial boat ramps, fishy-looking banks, spicy rapids, that one riffle you caught that monster brown in, or even your favorite break-for-a-beer spot. Waypoints are easy to share with friends via email, text and more. Wade fishing? Drop a Waypoint at the truck so you can focus on the water, not on remembering the trail. Heading out solo? Drop a Waypoint at the trailhead or boat ramp and send it to a friend with a note on when you’ll be off the water.Fly fisherman using boat ramp to slide drift boat into river

No cell service? No problem. Download Off-Grid Maps before you leave home, ensuring you’ll have all the info you need when the cell towers become scarce. Easily download a section of map and save it to your phone—your phone’s GPS-enabled receiver accesses the same satellites as GPS units and will still be able to show your location once you leave cell service.

Ready to chase blue lines and log some trail time in order to access backcountry fishing and beat the crowds? Turn on the Trail Slope Layer, in the Trails & Rec Layer drop-down, and trails on your map will begin to glow green, yellow, orange and red, indicating the slope. Craving a mellow hike in? Look for green. Want a serious conditioning hike with an added bonus of trout at the end? Orange and red is your zone.

Don’t spend your time on the water squinting at your cell phone screen. Coming to the dawning realization that polarized sunglasses and cell phone screens make life difficult? Miss your shot at that nice riser because you were fiddling with your phone? Web Maps make life easier—access maps on your desktop, laptop or tablet from the comfort of the couch and mark your Waypoints or trails before you hit the road. Remember to download Off-Grid Maps if you’re planning to lose cell service!

Private land boundaries are clearly marked in the app—with information including the titleholder’s name. Wondering if you should knock on a door to see if you can pass through someone’s land? Look on the app for their name and approach the door with a smile. Know where you stand—no one likes to wonder if they’re trespassing or not. (Waders are not meant for sprinting.) Just turn on the Public / Private Parcel Data Layer to see what lands are public.

Track your path. It’s easy to record your path as you travel—it serves as a convenient reminder how to find that one hidden trailhead that leads to a long hike that is (finally) rewarded with plenty of fish at the end. Tracker records an accurate visual representation of your path, time, distance traveled and average speed. (This is also a great tool for conditioning hikes before the hunting season arrives!)

Fisherman using landing net to catch bass at boat

Flick on the Recreation Sites Layer to see fishing access and boat launch sites. Exploring new waters and need an access site? Had a long day rowing upwind and it seems like you’ll never reach the take-out? A quick glance at the map will show you’re not losing your mind… it’s just a couple more bends down.

Waiting for the river to drop and the water to clear up? Are you best friends with the USGS Current Water Data pages? The River Stage Forecast Layer brings up water levels for the river, floods stages, historic highs and more. Just tap and hold the circular icon and you’ll be transported to the site for the information needed to make a good call.

The Precipitation Radar Layer shows ongoing rain and snow in the map area. Don’t bother popping open your weather app to look at those potential afternoon showers… the information is right here. On a multi-day float? See what precip is falling upriver and if you can expect a bump in flows.

Fishing in the salt? Turn on the Nautical Charts Layer for a detailed nautical chart overlay onto your onX map. Water depth, shipping lanes and more ensure you’re where want to be—focusing on the fishing, not on the impending container ship traffic. Find a productive spot? Drop a Waypoint and note what the tide was doing… ensuring it’ll be easy to find for the next visit.


Whether you’re hiking in hoping for your personal best cutthroat, loading up the boat for a day of chasing bass with your buddies or chasing stripers in the salt, onX Hunt helps you make the most of your time on the water. Share your favorite fishing hole with Waypoints, or keep it secret and ensure you remember the way in using Tracker. Explore new terrain and waterways with Web Maps, and ensure you know where you’re standing—even in the backcountry—with Off-Grid Maps. Fresh or salt, wading or in a boat, onX lets you focus on the fish.

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Jess McGlothlin

Before taking the role of onX Communications Writer, Jess McGlothlin worked as a freelance photographer and writer in the outdoor and fly-fishing industries. While on assignment in the past few years she’s learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, stand-up paddleboard down Peruvian Amazon tributaries and eat all manner of unidentifiable food.