We’ve teamed up with Toprut to offer our Elite Members a free Toprut membership as part of our Elite Benefits Program. Our preferred source for draw odds in eight key Western states, Toprut covers all the information you need to make insightful, fact-driven tag applications each season. Now onX Elite Members can utilize Toprut’s tools for free. The onX Hunt App and Toprut together provide you the tools for a successful season.

Toprut in an online tool to help you research, plan and apply for hunts and tags each year. The company provides information including hunt quotas, applicant totals, harvest information, and drawing odds. In addition, they offer unit profile information including public land boundaries, land ownership percentages, and terrain statistics to help you quickly evaluate your hunt options in a single, easy-to-use interface.

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onX Employee Testimonial

“The biggest game changer for my application strategies in western states has been the use of Toprut’s industry leading draw odds tool. I have been able to successfully increase my chances to draw several tags by using their super accurate odds to help me decide which units to apply for. Along with draw odds they have several filtering tools and unit specific information to help you with your research. We are excited to provide this game changing research tool for free with your onX Elite Membership. Be sure to take advantage of this offer to plan your next western hunt.”

Matt S., Product Marketing
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