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White Glove Service and Extended Payment Plan for onX Hunt Elite Members

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White Glove Service and Extended Payment Plan for onX Hunt Elite Members

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White glove service and extended payment plan for onX Hunt Elite Members

To help save time and simplify the purchase of your new suppressor, we’ve teamed up with Silencer Central, the leader in silencer purchase services, to bring Elite Members a white glove purchase experience so you can navigate the highly-regulated process of buying a suppressor with ease and confidence. Suppressors provide a multitude of critical benefits for hunters—they reduce recoil significantly, help you get back on target quicker, and dramatically reduce sound levels, preventing hearing loss for you and your hunting partners. Suppressors have been increasing in popularity, but the purchase and approval process can be difficult to maneuver and that can deter purchases from the start.

Contact Silencer Central, and their representatives can help you select the right suppressor for your weapon and your hunting situation.

onX Hunt Elite Members have access to the following services from Silencer Central:

  • Dedicated customer consultation and support line with a guaranteed response time under 24 hours and prioritized service with Silencer Central’s expert team
  • Exclusive extended payment plan—pay off your silencer in six payments over six months with no interest and no fees
  • Early access to new product launches from Silencer Central
  • Special offers and promotions throughout the year

Kristy Titus

“The biggest hurdle consumers have had with owning a suppressor is the process of purchasing one. Silencer Central makes the process so easy. They’ll set up your trust so you can manage all the legal aspects of owning your suppressor, and they’ll deliver it to your door if you live in one of the 42 states where suppressors are legal. They just make it really easy so we don’t even have to do anything. With 40 states allowing hunting with suppressors, we should all be running suppressed.”

 Dylan Dowson – onX Hunt Employee

“I put off buying a suppressor for years, not knowing where to start and thinking the process would be daunting. After learning how simple and streamlined Silencer Central makes the process, I decided to finally order one. With their help, I chose the Silencer Central Banish 30 as it will work on many of my rifles and offers unique modularity to be run in 7″ or 9″ configurations. This allows me to tailor the length and weight for different applications. They handled all of the paperwork and walked me step-by-step through the entire process, then shipped the suppressor directly to my door. With their above-and-beyond service and top-of-the-line products, I’m not going to look anywhere else with my next suppressor purchase.”

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