Big Bear Canyon/Devils Pass

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2,478.63 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Big Bear Canyon and its side trails around Devils Pass are among the best four-wheeling areas in the Laramie Mountains. Begin this trail system by fording LaBonte Creek on the south side of FR 658 and climb into a heavily-timbered canyon covered with ponderosa pines, quaking aspen, and massive boulders. The path is often wet, and you can expect at least seven shallow water crossings as well as a couple of sizable mud holes. Nearing the top of the canyon, the trail reaches several side trails. Trail 610 to Devils Pass makes a good destination and turnaround point. You'll get excellent views to the south toward Windy Peak and can often find wildlife that wanders over this high passage. The side trails along Big Bear Canyon end at private property or along the national forest boundary. **Water crossings can vary from around 1 foot up to almost 3 feet deep, depending on conditions. While only during some conditions, the increased water crossing depth occasionally found can significantly increase the trail difficulty for those sections.

Photos of Big Bear Canyon/Devils Pass

Big Bear Canyon/Devils Pass
Big Bear Canyon/Devils Pass
Big Bear Canyon/Devils Pass


These ATV trails include plenty of easy stretches, but there are some sections that have tall rocks, water holes, and downed timber. Be sure to carry a saw or another way of clearing a log that may fall across the route. This area is fragmented with parcels of private property, so watch for fences, gates, and closures along the Forest Service boundaries.

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Status Reports

A S3
Jun 10, 2023

Access Description

From I-25 at Douglas, take Exit 140 and drive south to HWY 91.Continue along HWY 91 for 23 miles, then Cold Springs Road (CR 24) for3 miles to a fork. Bear left onto Fort Fetterman Road (CR 16) and drive 13miles. Turn east onto FR 658 and proceed 4 miles.

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