Trail 31 - Part 1

Total Miles


446.91 ft


0.65 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Trail 31 is the perfect go-to for a relaxing afternoon drive between Chippewa Trail & Thannum Fire Lane and joins Phipps Fire Lane for a short stretch. This trail is accessible to all vehicles except for dirt bikes. Near the Chippewa Trail end, there is a generous cul-de-sac with pit toilets, a pavilion with picnic tables, and a grill. T-Mobile seems to have good service most of the time, I don't know how it is with other servers. It is well-marked with signs and poses no threat to the casual offroader. This is a well-maintained, sand & gravel-based trail, fortified with crushed rock in the low spots. Just outside of town over easy rolling wooded hills, this trail winds its way past old logging jobs as well as a traditional 'stop and snap a picture spot' which in this case is a lovely bridge over a cheerful trout stream. There is an abundance of birch lining the trail, and they, combined with a variety of other Northern hardwood varieties and pines make a beautiful show in the fall. Probably your most formidable obstacles will be a handful of puddles and a bit narrower banked corners... unless you happen to drive it in early spring when the snows are melting in earnest and creating water crossings at a certain low spot.

Photos of Trail 31 - Part 1

Trail 31 - Part 1
Trail 31 - Part 1


This trail has 6% grade over rolling hills sometimes characterized by loose, fist-sized rocks which may require four-wheel drive to climb.

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Chris Jacobson
Jul 01, 2023

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