Horseshoe Lake

Total Miles


534.33 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Approximately 10 mile route from West Elcho Rd. to Moccasin Lake Rd. Access to Horseshoe Lake from the main trail is narrow, but it is a great spot to take a break. The majority of the trail is dirt with some rolling hills consisting of loose rock and gravel. Some of the tighter corners are narrow, but still ok for 2 way traffic. It can be easy to miss the turn off to the lake and it is not posted, keep an eye out for the grassy corner closest to the lake.


During the wet season there can be some larger mud holes that can have some ruts in them, but for the most part it will be relatively dry. Some sections that see less traffic tend to be more narrow, with some pretty tight corners that will be close for two 60" machines to pass by.

Technical Rating