West Boundary

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820.46 ft


1 Hours

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West Boundary is a 9.4-mile out-and-back spur trail breaking off the Illabot mainline. This trail is very tight and bushy, with many small trees across the road. Anything larger than a small quad will have significant pinstriping. Approximately 2.4 miles from Illabot, there is significant undercutting of the road surface, making it highly dangerous for heavier vehicles to pass. Despite these challenges, West Boundary is a rewarding challenge, offering good high-altitude views intermittently through the trees. As of 4/19/24, West Boundary is blocked by a downed tree 4.7 miles from Illabot; the trail description will be updated once passage is confirmed.

Photos of West Boundary

West Boundary
West Boundary
West Boundary


West Boundary is easily passable on anything smaller than a SxS. Larger vehicles will have lots of pinstriping. There are some smaller ruts, smaller downed trees, slick mud, and some mild off-camber sections. The trail is heavily undercut 2.4 miles from Illabot. This trail is not maintained.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

West Boundary is a spur trail off of the Illabot Mainline.

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