Turnbull's Pine Creek Auto Route

Total Miles


705.81 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

Pine Creek Auto Tour Route is a casual drive through Turnbull's National Wildlife Refuge. This is a well-maintained road that should be manageable in any vehicle. There is a small amount of pavement-less than 500 yards overall. What it's lacking in off-road challenges, it more than makes up for in beautiful scenery and hiking opportunities. Elk, deer, moose, waterfowl, and many other types of birds can be spotted regularly along the route. There are several hiking trails along this route with varying lengths, a few of which have a bathroom at the trailhead. Open year-round during daylight hours with no entrance fee.

Photos of Turnbull's Pine Creek Auto Route

Turnbull's Pine Creek Auto Route
Turnbull's Pine Creek Auto Route
Turnbull's Pine Creek Auto Route


It's a well-maintained road, although there are a lot of twists and turns. It is one vehicle wide with a mix of gravel and dirt. A few smaller potholes, but any vehicle should be able to make it through this route outside of wintertime.

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Status Reports

Ornan Ihwagi
Dec 31, 2023

Access Description

Pine Creek Auto Tour Route is a part of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. From highway 904, turn south onto South Cheney Plaza Road and travel 4.2 miles before taking a left into the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. You'll see signs for Turnbull along the way.

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