Slippery Creek Road

Total Miles


1339.72 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall



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Trail Overview

This is a primitive dead-end logging road. There are a few pull-off for day camping and quite a few spectacular views of Mount Rainier. Where the road dead-ends, it was dug out, so could be accessible by vehicles that have the clearance or ATV/dirt bikes. The Grass Mountain hiking trail also crosses over where it dead-ends. When you first start on this road, the land around is owned by the Muckleshoot Tribe, so you cannot venture off the road. The land eventually turns into DNR land towards the top. There were about 3 washout areas, that were dirt and large rocks, so be cautious in those areas. There are plenty of great views of Mount Rainier, and most of them have pull out areas that would be great for photography areas and for having a picnic! Once you are close to the top, the road will narrow and the brush and trees are very overgrown. Our truck fit through with minimal scratching, and once you get to the end, it is wide and open and easy to turn around. We took a stock Dodge Ram 1500 and were close but didn't bottom out on anything. We went early November and there was some snow.



Technical Rating


Access Description

The entrance to this logging road is just before the town of Greenwater, on the left if you are heading east of Highway 410.